Comparing Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan

They are both able to flaunt and spend money anymore and anytime they want without worry. Gatsby and Tom also like to party all the time. In fact, Gatsby holds a party almost every week no matter what the cost is. That’s just the way the rich lead they’re life; they party. Daisy, Tom’s wife happens to be the one thing that Gatsby has been chasing after since the war. Gatsby loves her more than anything, but unfortunately she is on the East Egg where Gatsby cannot go. Gatsby personality is very much the opposite of Tom’s, He is more of a giving ND kind person who doesn’t want a problem with anyone else.

He would do anything to make someone happy. As one of the twins stated while at Gatsby party, ” There’s something Tunney about a fellow that’ll do a thing like that, he doesn’t want trouble with Now Tom on the other hand, is a very cocky and arrogant man who thinks he can pretty much do anything he wants. Tom once says to Nick, ” Now, don’t think my opinion on these matters are final just because I’m stronger and more of a man than you are”(Pl 1). What kind of reined would say that to someone they haven’t seen in a while?

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Tom is also a very racist person who thinks that the white race was going to be overtaken. He says, “The idea is if eve don’t look out the white race will be- will be utterly submerged” (app). Nowhere in the book do you read that Gatsby is racist at all; concluding once again that he doesn’t want trouble With anyone. Tom Buchanan makes his money from being a professional polo player and a well-known breeder Of horses. It Obviously pays a large amount Of money, cause they are living in the East Egg and can afford most anything.

Now Jay Gatsby has a more mysterious background for his wealth. “He’s a bootlegger,” said one girl staying at Gatsby’ house (pops. Someone also said that he got his money from a relative back in Germany. Gatsby actually tells Nick that all his money came from his family back west when every single one of them died. That wasn’t true because Gatsby’ father came to his funeral. You never really find out exactly how Gatsby gets his money, hut all the clues point to bootlegging.

Probably the most important part to Gatsby’ life since the war, was to reclaim Daisy’s love, Unfortunately, Tom was in his way. However, Tom had a mistress by the name to Myrtle Wilson, and they had been seeing each other tort a while. This shows that Tom is a very dishonest and cheating type of man, Mr.. Wolfishly states, “Gatsby very careful about women. He would never so much as look at a friends wife” (app)_ Though Tom may have loved Daisy a little, she wasn’t his main lover at the time. This gave Gatsby the perfect chance to get Daisy back.

Although al his dreams were vanished in the end and Gatsby was killed, Nick Caraway knew all that was true and believed in Gatsby’ goal and dreams. It is true that Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan led very different lives and believed in very different things, and F. Scott Fitzgerald portrays them very well in “The Great Gatsby. ” Their personalities, jobs, and lovers create problems and eventually lead to a murder. However, it also gives clarity to the lives of the wealthy in the sass’s and insight into their self- centered pursuit in making their lives easier.


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