Chopin Qs Desirees Baby The Storm

Despite their similar thoughts about white superiority, o you sympathize with one more than the other? Why or why not? 3. Chopin ends her story with Armband discovering that HE is half black and half white. What do you think Armband would likely do and feel after that? Desire? “The Storm” Some background on race and class, revealed in “At the ‘Acadia Ball” which precedes the events in aha Storm. ” Claries and LLCe are Creoles, descendants of French or Spanish settlers in Louisiana.

Calcite and Bobbin¶t are Acadia, descendants of French-American exiles from Acadia, Nova Scotia, who were driven from their homes by the British in 1755. Most of the Creoles in Chopping stories are comparatively wealthy, usually landowners or merchants. Most of the Acadia (or ‘Cajuns) in the stories are much poorer, living off the land, farming or fishing or working for the Creoles. Claries takes her higher social status as a Creole seriously and thinks LLCe has no business at a ‘Acadia ball. “Nice conduce’ for a Labialsre,” she says.

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She understands, though, that it is common for a Creole man to appear at such get soothers, perhaps in search of a liaison with a ‘Acadia woman. It would be UnUSUal for a Creole woman to attend a ‘Acadia ball. (At the ball, Alice and Calcite kiss and kiss and kiss. But Alice marries Claries). Q: I’ve read an article about “The Storm” that suggests Calcite has some African- American blood. Is that right? A: No. Her mother is Cuban. Everyone in the community thinks of her as Acadia with some Spanish blood. 4. “The Storm” raises complex issues of race, class, and gender.

What tells you in he story itself that Alice and Calcite are not the same class or ethnicity (cultural heritage)? 5. Do you think that Allele’s Creole heritage and his wealth make a difference in this story? In other words, if her were another Cajun and of the same socio- economic class as Calcite, would the dynamics of the story differ? How? 6. Both Calcite’s and Allele’s relationships with their families seem to change in positive ways after the two have their romantic fling. Is it just because it puts them in a good mood, or could it be more than that? Explain.


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