Calpurnia Character Analysis

California says that Gem and Scout have boundaries between Mrs.. Double’s house and the Raddled place . She does this so that she knows Scout and Gem are close enough to hear her voice when she calls for them. This shows a protective instinct in her because if something were to happen the kids would not be far from home. The strange thing is that California is black and society, at the time, were not accepting of blacks and they were not treated the same as whites. California realized this like when Scout says, “California rarely commented on the ways of white people.

So since California is like a mother to Scout and Gem it is strange and unheard to in society. But another odd thing is that Scout and Gem’s mom died when they were younger so Scout looks up to California, who is a black woman, but she is the only main woman in her young life. This probably would make California feel like she has to teach Scout right, like her mother would have done. Some events in the book should really change California but she stays the same because sociably does not allow for change for a black woman and, California sees this.

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After Tom Robinson is pronounced guilty California would be expected to go out and want to fight for equal rights but she does nothing. Also when Aunt Alexandra moves in she thinks that California is useless now that she is there to take care of the children. Aunt Alexandra says that she, “did not permit California to make the delicacies required to sustain the Society”. That should really hurt California by Aunt Alexandra telling her that she is worthless after years of taking care Of the children and being needed every day.

California might also feel placed because now Scout has a white woman to look up to and teach her right from wrong. California is a static character because she does not change throughout the whole book. She stays motherly and she fits into society like she is supposed to, but she cannot do much to change that as a black woman. She does not really want to change either because she realizes that that the job she has will be the best she could get as a black woman and if she protests she would end up in jail, California could not change throughout the book because society does not allow a black woman to change.


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