Black People and Aunt Alexandra

Read chapters 12 and 13 and answer the following questions in complete sentences. I. HOW does Jeer change? Be specific. A. Page 115-Scout explains that Gem doesn’t want her hanging around him all the time… “Stop pestering me. ” And California begins referring to him as Mister Gem now, a title usually reserved for adults. B. Page 116-“Gem developed a maddening air of wisdom that summer. ” Meaning that he is rational now and understands things… To like a little kid anymore.

He helps to put things into perspective for Scout that she doesn’t understand. C. Gem is growing up. He is trying to make sense of things he sees, trying to be like Tactics, and trying to put behind him childish games and youthful pranks. Consequently, sometimes he is moody and sometimes occasionally seems to lord his authority over Scout, 2. What are the minor disappointments that start the summer for Scout? What do they foreshadow? A. Page 115-116- READ ALOUD- Tactics got called to n emergency session of legislature, Dill is not coming to visit for the summer, and Aunt Alexandra arrives unannounced to live with them. . These small disappointments foreshadow the trial of Tom Robinson. 3. What is ironic about Gem and Scours visit to Scaloppini’s church? Explain. A. Page 1 19-120- READ ALKALOID TO CLASS- The children experience prejudice against them. They don’t possess prejudice and neither does California. They are surprised when church gore Lull confronts Cal asking her how she could bring white kids to the black church. B. However. Just as not all the white people are prejudiced, not all the black people are prejudiced.

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Gazebo and Reverend Skye are both welcoming to Scout and Jean. 4. Everybody is beginning to tell Scout to act like a lady. How is it ironic that her church and Scaloppini’s church deliver the Impurity of Women doctrine every week? A. Page 122- This is ironic because everybody wants her to he like a lady, but then they discuss the evils that women bring on the world throughout the Impurity of Women Doctrine. This is confusing for Scout, 5. What does Scout learn about California? Why is this important? A.

Scout learns that Cal leads a separate existence from her household and taking care of her and Gem. Scout sees that California speaks a different way around her people than she does with Gem and Scout. This is important because it helps Scout learn to continue to try to see beyond just her world. 6. Why is it unfair that blacks are not allowed to go to school, but the Eels are? Explain. A. Page 124- READ ALOUD TO CLASS- The Elsewhere trash people and no good Who walk out Of school, but the blacks really want to learn ND would go to school regularly. . Why did Aunt Alexandra say she would be staying with Tactics and the kids? Do you think this is true? What outdo think her real reason is? Explain. Page 127-She felt Scout needed a feminine influence. B, She was probably asked to come by Tactics to watch the kids while the trial is going on and try to help them absorb and shelter them from some of what is going on. 8. “Aunt Alexandra fitted into the world of Macomb like a hand in a glove, but never into the world of Gem and me. ” Explains a. Page 131-132- READ

ALOUD TO CLASS- Aunt Alexandra knew all the proper social things to do and say, and she knew a great deal of the history of the local families. She joined some clubs and entertained at her home, and generally did fit right into town’s society. However, Alexandra didn’t understand or agree With the values by which Tactics was raising his children. Therefore, she did not understand the children’s behavior _ Because their value systems were different, they were more often than not at odds. English ROR Name 1. How does Gem change? Be specific.


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