Biography Of Of Mice And Men

My name is Lennie Small. My name is one of the few things I know.

The name I should be given is “stupid” or “ignorant” because that is what I am. I admit it, I am not very bright. That is why I have my friend George. He guides me and allows me to utilize my strength. If I were by myself I would cause much trouble for I do not understand many things.

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I think I?m like the ox. They are big, strong, and stupid. They have small brains and big muscles. That is a lot like me.

“Strength” is what is written on my forehead because I am very strong. I am a very good worker in those hard work jobs where it requires lifting. My strength makes all those things like carrying barley bags very easy.

I love hearing the sound of mice. When I hear them know they are around and then I might get the chance to catch them and pet them.

I love the smell of animals. Or how I love to pet mice and how I wish to have bunnies and dogs. I love petting little critters like those. I hate the smell of perfume because it reminds of Curly?s wife. That dumb lady usually wore it and she got me in trouble.

I love the middle of the day because that is when I can see the nice bright sun shine. It is so purty. Animals like bunnies also usually come out in the day too.

If my hands could speak they would tell me to get more mice to pet! They would also say to try to get rabbits and doggies because petting animals makes the hands feel so nice.

I remember my aunt giving me mice and then I would put them in my pocket and pet them the whole day. For some strange reason, they all seemed to die.

“If you ever get in trouble Lennie, hide till I come for you. Don?t let nobody see you. Hide in the brush by the river.”


I'm Sandulf

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