Beowulf Vs Bond Essay Research Paper James

Beowulf Vs. Bond Essay, Research Paper

James Bond, created by Ian Flemming, shows the attributes of a modern hero: he is Intelligent, charismatic, attractive, and cool and collect at all times. Anything is justified in getting the job done, and he uses deception, trickery, and gadgets to surpass his opponents. His only goal is to protect his country by keeping their classified information safe and by spying on other countries. Beowulf, a hero from the first millennium, used his superior strength and fighting skills to best his opponents. He was honorable, brave, determined, and did good for it?s own sake. He protected any in need of help, any people in distress.

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The differences between Bond and Beowulf represent the changes society?s values over time. Around the time Beowulf was composed, strength and honor were two very important attributes for a person to have. Now, we find complex gadgets and an ability to work oneself out of difficult situations more impressive and interesting. Now we find honor not as important a characteristic as intelligence, and altruism not as commendable as calmness in the face of danger. However, we still idolize the loner, the man that can get the job done by himself, and we still put our hero up to staggering odds against enemies who are the epitome of evil. The hero still does the same job, only in a slightly different way.

For each culture, a hero serves as its manifestation of all the positive attributes put into one person. The hero is who we all wish to be, and who we sometimes see ourselves as. The hero also serves as an escape; a story where good always triumphs, and everything is black and white. As long as society continues to feel a need for this type of escape, we will have heroes such as Bond and Beowulf.


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