Beowulf Vs Arthur Essay Research Paper A

Beowulf Vs. Arthur Essay, Research Paper

A man/woman of distinguished valor or enterprise in danger, or fortitude in suffering; a prominent or central personage in any remarkable action or event; hence, a great or illustrious person. We know of them as Superman, Batman or Spiderman. We call them heroes today and children very well know them. Some people don t know, but there are heroes today that don t stop evil, save the world nor have a Batcave . These are called folk heroes. Folk heroes are basically in stories or older movies. These are heroes that are not true, but are not fake. Some people may not believe in these types of heroes, but then who believes in Batman?These heroes are also known for knowledge and magic. Back in the day, when aids were people, there was a boy named Arthur. He was the son of his mother and someone that looked like his father. His father was a king. When is father stuck a sword in a stone, everyone tried to pull it out. The person who did, was then called the king. But everybody tried to pull it out, and nobody succeeded but Arthur. When he pulled it out he was king. While king he was known as a hero because he had the Excalibur (The magic sword). He could use this sword for anything, but if he used it wrong, it would break. There was knowledge behind the use of the sword. He used it to save his life once and it broke. The Excalibur was not meant to be used to kill or harm, it was meant to be used to bring people together. When Author realized this he tried to bring England together. He did succeed for a while.

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Arthur was a hero because he helped bring people together and helped the people of England. There is another hero floating around in books. His name is Beowulf. Beowulf is a hero by skill and bravery. Beowulf became a hero when a oversized beast called Grendel ate 100 s of people in a tavern. When Beowulf heard of this monster he decided to put and end to the massacre. Beowulf goes to this little tavern in east jibip and meets with the monster. When he goes to fight this beast, he did bring 13 men along to help, but only fought alone. When he first saw Grendel he was asleep in his cave. During the fight he ripped off an arm and finally killed the beast. He did all of this with out armor and a weapon. After he was done he hung the arm on the wall inside the tavern. Beowulf is a hero just like Arthur. They both are brave, smart, and have enough courage to defeat their enemies. Not every hero needs to be smart, but every hero has to be brave and daring. If a hero is not brave he really can t be a hero. Beowulf was brave to go and defeat and monster 3 times his size, and Arthur was brave enough to be a king and help England out. He fought with his men, he didn t sit back and watch them fight. A hero must care and be loyal to what they are doing in order to do it good enough to be called a hero afterall.


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