Beowulf Essay Research Paper The AngloSaxon during

The Anglo-Saxon, during this period England was divided into separate kingdoms. The Danes were forced to the northeastern part of England. They often fought among each other, but they had much in common. The Anglo-Saxon poetry was an oral art which was pasted down by their scops. The poem Beowulf is very much like The Anglo-Saxon Civilation.

The Anglo-Saxon civilization, the epic poem Beowulf which reflects on the Anglo-Saxon period. It showed that their society was governed by the laws of the blood feud. ? And there?s more: you murdered your own brothers, Your close kin.? Some Anglo-Saxon people would kill anybody as long as they would get what they wanted as Unferth did to his brothers to become the next king but his brothers would have been next to have the leadership. The heroic ideal was very important to the Anglo-Saxons. They would have put this person above all the others in battle to have a high aspect of this person so if there was evil he could fight it off as Beowulf did to Grendal. The hero may have become king or was king and showed his superiority in the skills of survival. The Hero was skilled and show many acts of courage, the primary qualities that a king had to be successful. A successful king won from his followers loyalty. It was their duty to defend him in battle ?Beowulf?s comrades, witnessing the combat from a distance, retreat in terror. Only Wiglaf Hurries to help him.? In return for their service, the king gave his followers gifts from the spoils that been accumulated in warfare. ?He tells Wiglaf to give the dragon?s treasure to the Geats.? This symbolized the excellence of the king?s ruler ship. After battles warriors gathered in the Mead hall to celebrate their victories. ?And in that hall he?d divide spoils of their victories? It was customary for the Anglo-Saxons to boast of their skills and heroic deeds. ?My people have said, the wisest, most knowing and best of them?. It was a pagan society. The heroic life brought immortality in the poems and fame of his success in warfare.

The Anglo-Saxon period was a struggle for death and was never far from anyone. It was a pagan society. The poet would sing about they and tell the story of the of the great deeds of their life conquests. It would be a hard life to be an Anglo-Saxon but it was a great society.