Beowulf 5 Essay Research Paper During the

Beowulf 5 Essay, Research Paper

During the Anglo-Saxon Period, the men in society were basically warriors. They relied uon their leaders to be strong, confident, and devoted. If the leaders were strong, they could defeat the negative things they encountered. Physical prowess and strength brought about confidence which also played a big role in a leader’s success. A man without confidence caused doubt within his people, and the doubts often became realites. Finally, devotion to his people set the Anglo-Saxon leader apart form the common man. His Geats had to know that he would stand his ground for them and accept only victory over foes. All of these characteristics were invulnerable to the warrior tribes of the Anglo-Saxon Period.

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Throughout Beowulf, the folk hero is described as a big, strong muscular man. He had the stregth to kill Grendel and his mother. His people saw that he was strong, and they relied upon him for protection. Beowulf did himself what a number of “weaker” people had tried. He slew an unassailable monster with his bare hands. The Danes had all tried and were slaughtered. Where strenght was concerned, he was unsurpassed.

Condidence, was also a characteristic that the inhabitants of this era deemed as a necessity. The people enjoyed hearing the imprissive tales of their leaders. They followed their leaders proudly knowing that the victories would come. Beowulf was so confident that he left his home to go help people he did not know. He was positive that he could defeat this Grendel foe. His people followed their gallant leader to this land where it appeared no hope remained. The people of this era must have realized that a leader who doubts himself will undoubtly fail.

Finaly, this society demanded devotion of their leader. The people wanted a leader who would defend them. Beowulf exhibited this trail when the dragon threatened his people. He set out on this conquest knowing that he was not as young as he used to be. He did kill the dragon, but due to his injuries, the died defending his people.

The Anglo-Saxon people highly depended on their leaders to exhibit these characteristics. In order for these tribes to survive, they had to be strong and unified. For without unity and leadership, they would be defeated. Beowulf kept his people together with his physical prowess, mental strength, and undying devotion. Beowulf was truly a model hero of the Anglo-Saxon Era.


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