Atticus Finch Social Ladders Essay- To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill In To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee places Tactics Finch very highly in terms to character, The rest of Macomb, a sass Alabama town, places him in a different light. They see him much lower on the same scale to character. Both of these opinions have a plethora of potential reasoning, Harper Lee?s maintaining positivist while Macomb sees what they believe to be the negative side. Harper Lee may envision Tactics well due to his honesty to both his children and adults.

Or perhaps it stems from his commitment to what he believes is right. He defends what seems to be the proper method of treating people Of course on the contrary, his defense of Tom Robinson is seen by the majority of Macomb as a terrible thing to do. They may also see him low due to a lack of wealth. Honesty… “Jack! When a child asks you something, answer him, for goodness’ sake,” His kindness and charisma is at one time shown When he takes the role Of a leader and does the right thing by shooting the mad dog.

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Another instance involves him taking the role Off respectable businessman as Mr.. Cunningham can’t pay for his legal needs in the orthodox methodology. He can only pay through nuts, berries, and other small things he can gather, grow, or hunt. Tactics is understanding of this and allows Mr.. Cunningham just to do his best and all will be well. The bravery he carries is shown when he defends Tom Robinson both physically and legally.

Physically when he waits in front of the jail to defend Tom from the lynch mob, Legally as a lawyer while attempting to keep Tom out of jail tort good. He knows that there is no way to save Tom, but he tries to his fullest ability to do so. The jury still has in their hearts that the black man can’t be rusted and the jury believes that only Tom Robinson could have raped the young daughter of Bob Lowell_ There was no way that they could actually expect Tom to walk away a free man.

It was the wrong time period for those kinds of hopes. Nevertheless Tactics still stayed firm in his confidence in the goodness of the people that would either convict or acquit Tom Robinson. He could not honestly do so, because nothing about African Americans was thought to be trustworthy. This is disappointing because Tactics proved without doubt that Tom was innocent and Bob was guilty, not of rape, but of beating his daughter. o in the sass’s south, Tactics was not the highest on the social ladder.

He and his family are poor, and he defends an African American man over the accusation Of rape. Aside from all Of this, he is one Of the most respected people in town, by blacks and whites alike. He was one of the most honest and hardworking man in all of Macomb county. Everyone loved him for his care for all and his utmost trustworthiness, No one in town can come close to how highly Harper Lee must think of Mr.. Tactics Finch in spite of his appearance in sass southern towns.


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