Atticus Finch Character Sketch

Harper lee has chosen great characters in “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Tactics Finch is one Of the main characters With a fair charisma. Tactics have a vigorous personality which influences the whole stop/ thus his views are based on justice, Wisdom and humanism. He grew up in a town named Macomb where pervasive poverty was omnipresent therefore he is very respected by all his surroundings, and he is especially admired by his family. In case of any troubles or doubts, people turn to him to get some advice or assistance.

Tactics Fitch is a southern Antaean in his late forties; unfortunately his wife passed away. Father of Gem and Scout, strangely his kids calls him out by his first name “Tactics”, to provide him with the ultimate respect he deserves. Apparently Tactics get’s a black hair with graying sideburns as described in chapter ten, he’s also tall and wear glasses old taxation. Yet Tactics is indeed a determined person. He the guiding light to his family and neighbors, calm and always ready to discuss other issues, wisely by according time to every matter and provide the finest solutions based n great morals.

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As a lawyer he takes his job to heart, it’s more than a profession to him, it’s a passion. Notably intelligent, he understands others and practices empathy, He told Gem and Scout to never hold a grudge with people, and to be optimistic in a way and to learn from others and accept their errors. Tactics dislikes criminal law, thus he took a step to defended Tom Robinsons case, He knows he was innocent, he found the law system unfair overall. He has a unique simple set of beliefs and values, for the most part, what he believes can be rough down to his simple phrase, “l do my best to love everybody” (page 112).

Unlike those in the community Who are quite racist and Obsessed With class and social position, Tactics tries to look at everyone as an individual even those who are rejected completely by their society, including BOO and the blacks and poor of the town of Macomb. Tactics sees the good in everyone and he is committed to make his children feel the same way he does. In every sense Of the word he a unique man, one who does not cause the reader of To Kill a Mockingbird to question his intentions or motivations.


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