Atticus Finch and Parenting

Mockingbird Tactics Finch has a good approach to parenting, a kind and loving relationship with his children, and his style of parenting can be criticized either. Tactics’ approach to parenting focuses on instilling good qualities and virtues in his children. The virtues that Tactics is teaching his kids throughout the entire novel, are the virtues of justice and equality. He also tries to teach gem and Scout to have strong respective consciences. Tactics told Scout, you have to put yourself inside somebody’s skin and walk around in it before you can get to know them, and judge them.

There are some people who sometimes help Tactics, and those that help Tactics most with parenting are California, the Finches housekeeper, and Miss Maude their neighbor. They help when Tactics is in town Demonically 2 Taking care of business or working on a case as he was throughout the novel, when he was defending Torn Robinson. Although Tactics may be away from Scout and Gem for periods of time he still has a very strong relationship With them. He encourages Jeer and Scout to call him by his first name, Tactics. So that he, Gem, and Scout can all interact on terms s equal as possible.

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Tactics has a very strong relationship with Gem and Scout, and he loves them very much as well. Tactics isn’t very hard or strict on Gem and Scout either. However Tactics would teach Gem and Scout a harsh lesson if they did something bad, He holds Gem and Scout very near his heart, and doesn’t want them getting into trouble, so he does set clear standards as to what he wants Gem and Scout not to do. For example, even though Walter Cunningham and Cecil Jacobs have taunted Scout by insulting Tactics, Tactics still doesn’t want Scout to fight them.

Tactics is a very loving and caring father, and he has a very strong and kind relationship with Gem and Scout. Tactics Finch’s parenting in To Kill a Mockingbird can’t be criticized at all. Tactics has so many things working against him and he’s doing well raising Gem and Scout. His wife died before she was ever able to help raise the children and Gem and Scout grew up without a mother. Even without his wife’s support, Tactics still did a good job raising them. Tactics’ job as a defense lawyer causes him to be away from home often and his children at many times.

He asks their black housekeeper to help watch the children While he is away, so he knows that they are never alone if he isn’t there. Fifth children aren’t vita Tactics or California, they also talk to Ms. Maude. So when ever Tactics isn’t there, Other he trusts are responsible. Demonically 3 That is why his parenting style cannot be criticized. He is too responsible when raising his children and he is always caring for them whether he is with them or Tactics is a single father of his two children Jeremy Finch, and Scout Finch, hose mother had died when they were young.


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