Atticus Finch

Everyone needs a role model in life, someone to teach them morals and lessons. In To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, Tactics Pinch just happens to be the perfect role model for not only his own children but the entire Macomb County. He sets examples not only as layover, but as a father and teaches his children the necessary morals to function as model citizens in society. Tactics was proven as a fantastic launder throughout the book, and everyone in the county could attest to it.

Well he can make somebody will so airtight can’t nobody meddle with it,” Miss Maude told Gem and Scout. (Peg. 95) People from all around the county would come to Tactics to write their Last Will and Testament. This points to the respect that Tactics has and the almost father figure that he is to many people around Macomb. In addition Tactics is a role model to society, because he did the right thing in the Tom Robinson case. He knew Tom was innocent, however he knew it would be very controversial to represent a black man.

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Even though representing Tom went against what was acceptable in society, he did it anyway and stood up for his morals and beliefs. This served as a lesson to both his kids and sorcery. Tactics was a great role model for his children and positively influenced them over the course of the book. He treats his children like normal human-beings and because of this, Gem and Scout are very well grounded. He teaches his kids how to read and stresses the importance of school and their education. “If you’ll concede the necessity of going to school, we’ll BOO on reading every night just as e always have. (Peg. 31) Even though Scours teacher tells him not to teach her to read, he not only stands up for what he believes in, he is able to use his understanding of Scout and how she functions and use that to teach her the importance Of school and a good education. Tactics is a great parent and lawyer. He is able to teach his children the skills and behaviors to succeed, all While balancing a successful career and serve as a role model to society. By being an honest man and following his heart.


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