Analyze Judy Jones in “Winter Dreams”

Her costumes not only perfectly fitted her but also made her stand out in any situation. She once showed up at the golf court so gracefully in “a blue gingham dress”, which got many men’s attention. Another time, she suddenly appeared in such a healthy and attractive manner on a racing motor-boat with an eye- catching pink bathing-suite on her beautiful body that Dexter couldn’t do anything else but complying with all her requests. When Dexter met her again at the dancing club after a long time, she still looked as pretty as a doll in a paroling gold dress. Moreover, Judo’s charm was fortified with a special personality.

Though a slender girl, she not only knew how to swim or dance but also knew how to surf on the sea and drive a motor-boat with no difficulty. She was always aware of her charm, always confident, and friendly towards the man she was interested in. Also, she was not afraid of actively asking a new acquaintance on a date and did make it become a romantic and memorable date than ever. That she knew how to make a man happy with fulfillment was so true since Dexter, during his life, loud never forget the moment (though short) with Judy on the dark sun-porch, deeply in the passionate kisses.

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Hence, generally speaking, Judy was a dream girl for plenty of men. What is more beside Judy Jones’ great looks? Surprisingly, it is a not very beautiful soul, or critically speaking, a cruel nature of a devil. As an eleven-year-old girl, Judy Jones had adopted an incorrect etiquette. She was so rude when addressing Dexter as “BOY’ while she was obviously younger than him. Besides, she couldn’t conceal her bad temper when having something unsatisfying. Not seeing any caddies available to serve her, Judy vented her anger on Mrs.. Hills-her nurse by “taking one of the clubs, hitting it on the ground with violence”, and wildly shouting at Mrs..

Hills that “You damn little mean old thing! “. When Judy entered adulthood, the cruel side of her nature became clearer. One of her disgusting qualities was once again the impoliteness. She seemed amazingly unconcerned and unapologetic when hitting Mr.. T. A. Hydride in his Completely’7 each If only b affair asked have t Jud and I she w Iris love loudly eight sees When harm to achieve her goal – making him crazily love her. Nevertheless, once losing the excitement, she mercilessly kicked the guy out of her current life and looked for a new delight.

Her wickedness, however, did not stop at the “new one in, old one out” attitude towards love. When the miserable neglected man gradually forgot her and was about to start a new life, she tried to draw his attention back by “granting him a brief honeyed hour, which encouraged him to tag along for a year or so longer, then left him, hurt him again, and of course, non-stop looked for another interesting guy to fulfill her desire. She acted wickedly regardless of there’ feelings as if she had had the right to do it. Dexter was one of the most miserable victims of Judo’s love games.

He was suffering not only from being neglected again by Judy but also from regretting giving serious hurt to his fiance Irene Scorcher and her parents. Obviously, Judy Jones’ selfishness had given pains to plenty of people. Why was Judy Jones such a disgusting devil? Were there any sensible reasons for this, which are worth our sympathy? Firstly, Judy Jones was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and with a great beauty that could help her win almost every man’s heart. She lived an extravagant life with plenty of elite suitors always around.

That she could acquire what she wanted effortlessly made her appreciate nothing. She hardly had any meaningful interests in her life except flirting men around. She assumed that her radiant beauty was a master key to the happiness, but her upsetting married life at the end of the story proved that she was completely wrong. Her unhappiness afterwards resulted from the emptiness of her soul and an intensive desire for what is so-called happiness that she couldn’t know how to achieve and even couldn’t define. That was why she once cried and complained to Dexter: “I’m more beautiful than anybody else.

Why can’t I be happy? “. The fact that she kept hunting for joy with different men gives us an impression of her illusion and disorientation in her journey to seek happiness. No matter how popular, rich, and even talented a man was, Judy couldn’t find a permanent sense of fulfillment with him. She just sought a man to fill the emptiness in her soul. Secondly, we must take a look at the society in which Judy grew up – a society that placed material success over moral values. Therefore, that Judy Jones adopted such stereotype and judged a person by his wealth was not incomprehensible.

Poor Judy failed to understand what true love was and consequently, did not know how to have it. The last reason we can think of is the lack of adequate parental guidance from her childhood. Her parents were rich, but like other people in that society, they must have concentrated only o can SE While mage find a Engle of love lose. Ever being Zion d of the story. She got married to Loud Simms – a bad husband. She lost her good looks and devoted herself to her children. Judy Jones, the symbol of Tester’s larger- Han-life dreams, then became a boring Judy Simms.

Many readers may feel satisfied with this ending since Judy ought to pay for all the pains she had caused to other people. However, if we give ourselves a pause for rethinking, we may somehow feel sorry for her. Judy was, by no means, a devil from birth. She was just a victim of the society in which she was born and grew up. To conclude, if we could give something to this character, we would give her just a moderate look, not a great beauty. Were it so, she wouldn’t have had any “weapon” to hurt so many men, and she might have got a more peaceful life.


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