Agamemnon is the first book in the Orenstein Trilogy written by the famous Greek tragedy writer, Aeschylus. Agamemnon is a story of justice and revenge. The story takes place in a city called Argos. It Starts with a watchman tired of waiting for Agamemnon, the king of Argos who is away at the Trojan War. The city is eagerly awaiting the news Of their king’s welfare and the outcome Of the war.

Watchmen are posted in the city, watching for the beacon that would report the capture Of Troy and Agamemnon return. As the beacon flares up and queen comes to know of the Agamemnon victory she orders sacrifices to he gods, a way to express gratitude. Chorus recalls how the king of Troy, Prima kidnapped Helen, wife of Menelaus who is Agamemnon brother which led to a war extending for ten years.

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Chorus also marks the destruction caused by the war in order to take Helen back from Prima, the lifetime spent by the soldiers in this war away from home and family and the fact how the retake of Helen caused the bloodshed of thousands, On the expedition to Troy, Agamemnon and his army were stuck in the middle tooth sea due to the unfavorable winds and rhea couldn’t possibly sail to troy, these winds were sent by the goddess artists. o calm her Agamemnon had to sacrifice his daughter,Sophia In the absence of Agamemnon kleptomania had been cheating on him with his cousin strategist. He is longing to take a revenge front Agamemnon regarding the murder if their daughter phasing_ as Agamemnon reaches home,Clytemnestra welcomes him by spreading a red carpet for him to walk on. This red carpet reflects her intentions and foreshadows Agamemnon death Agamemnon brought Cassandra with him, princess of troy. She peripheries about the murder of Agamemnon and her to chorus and then she enters the palace and both of get murdered by Clytemnestra. E reasons which lead to Agamemnon fate are categorized into two types: the actions and the decisions Of Agamemnon himself and secondly, the work of supernatural powers which includes the curses on the house of Auteur and the maneuvering Of the goddess Artemisia. Agamemnon moral fiber has contributed a lot in his fate. He decided to war against Troy in order to take back Helen from Prima, Troy’s King Who had kidnapped her. He did not think whether this much of investment of resources and time would worth the retake of one person, Helen. Here could have been other ways if Agamemnon sole aim as to take back Helen and not to defeat Troy or to take revenge. He could have opted for a peaceful way first and if it wouldn’t work then he could proceed for a war. He never considered to avoid years of extended war, and a great deal of hardships in which several of his men would die away from home and family. However to fuel his ego he had the objective to destroy Troy at any cost and take revenge. Agamemnon ego clouded his judgment and he did not see the tact that one life is not worth it.

Any other king would have made this decision with a lot of wisdom and perceptiveness as this was going to be a massive war. Agamemnon s character flaw hence add to his fate at the end to a large extent. His heroic qualities of bravery, strength, leadership and battle strategies are for sure lag behind his weaknesses of hubris and arrogance which cause his the pity and suffering towards the end. Improvisations dilemma of character however, in the way Of goddess artists_ Agamemnon sacrificed his own daughter for to proceed for Troy.

The sacrifice of Phasing is a complicated issue. He sacrifices his daughter on the altar Of his own ambition. Again his decision reflects that he under his ego, he displays a very weak image of himself as he couldn’t control is negative emotions Which are his arrogance and ego, killing Of aphasia in return for a sail to troy does not balance situation. The sail was not worth of a sacrifice. Although some may Argentinean, Agamemnon daughter has to be sacrificed so that the battle fleet of the Greek forces can avenge the reckless actions of Paris and Helen. N this context, the act of sacrificing one’s kin for the sake of the state could be deemed a righteous act. What is clear, however, is Agamemnon is responsible for the blood that he has spilled and that his drive and ambition does seem to have been a factor in the sacrifice. When finally Agamemnon army took over Troy a tether mistake was made by Agamemnon which was to allowing his earns to destroy the temples in Troy; in doing this, he committed a supreme act of sacrilege against the gods.

The victory made him so blind that he couldn’t see that offending the gods may bring their wrath upon him. The people of Troy including the civilians pronounced curses upon him. Considering Clytemnestra for a moment; the pain that she must of endured giving birth, and raising a child, only to witness the “offspring of our [Clytemnestra and Agamemnon] loins, Paginate, girl of tears” executed by ere husband and his blood-lusting army, must have been excruciatingly painful for Clytemnestra.

Leaving his Wife for ten years, and allowing all her feelings of hatred and anger build up inside her was a very dangerous mistake for Agamemnon to make. N element Of Clytemnestra murderous scheme was to entice Agamemnon into accepting Tim©, and upon his return, Clytemnestra told him that he deserved recognition for winning the Trojan war: he should walk not on mortal earth, but upon a red carpet of tapestries to his home. In undertaking this action, Agamemnon made the mistake of accepting that he had won the war, ND this arrogance led to the gods abandoning him.

Without the gods protection, Agamemnon would inevitably perish. The war had clearly cost him a lot. If Agamemnon had tried to soften the anger of Artemisia with other offers of sacrifice, there would have been no need to sacrifice his daughter to Artemisia, and Agamemnon downfall never would have transpired. He lost his brother Menelaus for which all the hardships were taken so what’s the point of retaking Helen when she couldn’t live with him any more. a lot of bloodshed and murders took place, the blood of all the people and army was on Agamemnon hands. En after that he was trying to be pious in front of his wife and and talked rude to her, he displayed no grief of their daughter,no condolence, intact he was cold to her. He did not see how much her murder evoked have affected her mother. In addition he brought Cassandra with him as his mistress. He did nit even thanked his wife who took care if the city in his absence. Yet the fact that Agamemnon killed his daughter can be argued because if in the first place artists had not asked to offer the sacrifice of Agamemnon first born child that is phasing, Agamemnon fate would be different. Timid has a significant role in the fate if Agamemnon, being a goddess artists should be well aware what is she asking for, her anger dint let her see that what is she asking is something excruciating. She did it under the influence Of her emotions which had nothing to do with Agamemnon, he did nothing to offense her, he did not do any deed which might make her angry directly. As Cassandra prophets the house Of auteur is cursed because of the previous crimes and murders which took place in the house. Theses, Agamemnon uncle had cheated on his brother by seducing his Wife As a result Theses once again went into exile.

Believing that he had been forgiven by his brother Theses eventually he returned and dined at the meal his brother had provided him. When the final course was brought in, the identity of Theses’ meal was revealed, for the platter contained the heads of all his children except the infant, Strategist. Theses cursed his brother and fled. Agamemnon fate is directly linked with his violent family past. His death appears to be the result of several different patterns of revenge. Upon his death, Clytemnestra does remark that she hopes that “the thrice gorged demon tooth family” can be appeased.


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