Agamemnon-s Characterer

The play Agamemnon by Aeschylus is a play overwritten 2500 years ago in G race, known for being one of the most tragic Greek plays of its time. It bases its background on Greek mythology with their gods. The play its If is named after one of the main characters, Agamemnon, king of Argon s. There are two Other main characters, Clytemnestra, queen Of Argos and Cassandra, priestess of Troy and Agamemnon mistress. Agamemnon, king Of Argos cares for his gods.

He sacrificed What he could for the m to be on his side. Ordered his own daughters death for the purpose of have angina god by their side as they went to the ten year war against the Trogon’s. Aft ere the war, he was greeted with the finest purple carpet for him to walk on once e he left his chariot, which he only walked on after a brief discussion with Clyde meanest and Cassandra. The purple carpet was believed to BEA luxury for the g ads and he was afraid to disrespect them.

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And stepping thus upon the sea’s rich dye, I pray, Let none among the gods look down With jealous eye on me” ( lines 10961098). He devoted all of his time and work to his gods and people. Cassandra, Trogon’s priestess is Agamemnon war prize, he brought her back WI the him after defeating Troy, Apollo (former lover) gave her the gift of prophecy but cursed her by making all around her disbelieve her predictions after she re fused to bear him a child. Her last predictions were about Agamemnon and her wan death, killed by Clytemnestra. Lo, how the wanting, the lioness… Wi II slay me, salve forlorn! ” (lines 14471449). She told the Chorus about her death and no one believed her, she was a voiceless woman vita no power at court. Clytemnestra was the queen of Argos, she ruled differently than her king. She is t o be looked at as a victim Who lost and her daughter and wants avenge for her p assign. ‘That deed of his, I say, that stain and shame, Had rightly been atoned by banishment” (lines 16491650).


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