Agamemnon and Greek Society

Shop is a poet who portrays the women as having traditional roles in Greek society where women are regarded as subordinates to men. Women are described as beautiful and sweet, however Shop implies that this is their role in society, to look pretty for their husband. The audience can see this in her poem titled We Drink Your Health We Drink Your Health Lucky Bridegroom! Now the wedding you Asked for is over And your wife is the Girl You Asked Par; She’s a bride who is Charming to look at, With eyes as soft as honey and a face That love has lighted With his own beauty Aphrodite has surely outdone herself in Doing honor to you. Barnyard 30) In another poem by Shop, entitled Sleep Darling she portrays women as mothers. Sleep, Darling I have a small Daughter called Clevis, who is? Like a Golden Flower I Wouldn’t Take all Crosses’ Kingdom with love Thrown in for her, (Barnyard 17) Along with being a wife it is the women’s to take care of her children. The men are traditionally out fighting wars as seen in Homer’s Odyssey. In this poem Shop refers to her daughter as a “Golden Flower” which shows the deeply persons love she has for her daughter. Shop Says “I wouldn’t take all odd Crosses kingdom with love thrown in for her.

She implies that there is no amount Of love, even a kingdom that can match her love for her daughter Clevis. Shop portrays the women as the wife and the mother which are both traditional roles in Greek Society. In the play Agamemnon Of The Roaster Aeschylus portrays women in a very different light. Aeschylus portrays women as powerful and authoritative through the character Clytemnestra. Clytemnestra holds a position that is not common in Greek society. She is strong willed and dominant. Clytemnestra plays the protagonist in this play. Her role is very important to the plot of this play.

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Clytemnestra is portrayed s a strong authoritative woman as she has ruled Argos in her husband’s absence. This role is not traditional in Greek society as we have seen through the poetry of Shop. Clytemnestra is even described in one passage as “maneuvering like a F-eagles 103), This implies that Clytemnestra has male strength of heart. She has lacked to conform to the expected disposition of women in a male dominated society, In this play Clytemnestra murders her husband in order to avenge her daughter Phasing. She commits this hands act with no regret. The audience can sense that it took her inner strength to commit this act.

She does not want to be thought of as a weak woman with little intelligence. This can be seen in her response to the Chorus after she murders her husband. The chorus is dumbfounded that a woman could commit such an act. ” (Chorus): “We marvel at your tongue, at your bold mouth in vaunting such words over your husband. ” Clytemnestra): “You test me like a witless woman, but speak With a fearless heart to those Who know; and Whether you yourself Wish to approve or to blame me, it’s all the same! This is Agamemnon, my husband, but a corpse, the work Of my right hand here, a just architect. This is how things re. (Eagles 1399-1406) Clemently claims to be fearless and even boasts about the murder she committed. She believes that Agamemnon got what he deserved. Although Clytemnestra is portrayed in The Artesia as strong and authoritative, in Homers Odyssey she is portrayed as crazy and irrational, In Homers Odyssey, Clytemnestra is portrayed very differently than in The Artesia. Clytemnestra is viewed as corrupt. She is portrayed very negatively yet still having power. She is described in one passage as a 492) by her husband in the underworld, She is described as “heartless” and “hell bent”. (Beagles 492).

She is practically described as the devil. Agamemnon goes on to say that his wife gives shame to all of womankind “but she–the–queen hell-bent on outrage–bathes in shame not only herself but the whole breed of women kind, even the honest ones to come, forever down the 492), This statement is pretty powerful. It exemplifies her power but describes her so crazy that she represents all of women kind. Clytemnestra has a much smaller role in the Odyssey in comparison to her role in The Resisters. Aeschylus, Shop and Plutarch all succeed in portraying the women officer Literature as supreme and sovereign.


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