Women in the Middle Ages

TheMiddle Ages were a bloody time is history that occurred around 300 to 1600 A.D.Throughout the Middle Ages men were constantly fighting to conquer more and more land.Today we know a lot about the brutal life of the warriors during these sieges and battles, but we know very little about what the women were doing during this period of time.Between the usual cooking and sewing, women had other responsibilities and privileges that they had to fulfill.
Owning land was a major privilege for women during the medieval era; it was considered a sign of power.Single women or widows could own land by either raising the money or by inheriting it from their family.To inherit the land there had to be no eligible males in the family. Even if she was the only child she could inherit no more than 1/3 of her parents land. Afterward she could own the land until she got married, however, she was then forced to give the land to her husband.
Getting ready for battles wasn't only men's work; women took part in the preparations too.Women had to get the men ready for fighting.They had to make sure all of the sheepskin cloaks and the riding boots with the felt overshoes were ready to go.They also had to ensure that the saddlebags were always filled with dry milk, curds and koumiss.After the battle was over it was the women's job to satisfy her man, in fact medieval women were entitled ownership of her husbands' body for pleasure purposes.
Work for the medieval women were mainly basic jobs around the town.They participated in planting and harvesting; they were also dairymaids, gardeners, poultrerers, bakers and brewers of beer.Women also made and sold textiles, clothing beer, bread, and pottery and ran taverns and inns.If the women belonged to confraternities and guilds they would borrow and lend money, join political displays, take oaths, lead religious activities, run charities, sue and get sued, lear…


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