Pat Tillman is perhaps the soldier whose death has been celebrated the most in modern American history.One might ask why an entire nation would celebrate one man’s death more than most other soldiers combined.All have served in their respective capacities in the military.Most fight diligently.Yet few of these soldiers’ deaths impact a whole nation in such a manner.Why?Pat Tillman was young and had left his family (and a several-million-dollar football contract) behind.
The ancient viking civilization honored those soldiers that died young in battle.This, to me, makes no sense.These young men ought to be nurtured and prepared for the future.They ought to be looking for a wife to marry and with whom to have children, and with whom to share life.In such a twisted and war-driven society, however, these are not honored values.Young men are taught to be daunting and ruthless.If you were an old man in viking society you felt shamed that you were not killed in battle.Why would one wish to be killed in battle?
Those young soldiers could not continue their family line if they died before having children.Who were the women supposed to marry?There were few young men that were single and available.If they weren’t out fighting, they were out dying as a result of fighting.This is utter stupidity because eventually their whole civilization would die out because nobody would be having children.This also made them weak because they were constantly losing troops who were experienced and they had to waste time training new troops.
If a young soldier is encouraged to die in battle, then they are not able to fight anymore.A replacement must be brought in.That replacement must be trained.Once that replacement is trained, he is sent out into the battle field.A short time later, he dies.Another replacement goes in.This ignorant cycle continued on and on in the viking culture.If they sent their most skilled…


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