American intervention in Vietnam began with a

generation of boys born to the veterans of the second

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World War.Boys who lived in the afterglow and dreamed

of the glory.Patriotism was thick in a country who

came out of the second great war stronger than it had

entered.We were unbeatable.America had survived to

continue it's fight against injustice and for liberty.

The new fight was against communism.

The war might never have taken place had the

United States aided Ho Chi Minh in the fight to

liberate Vietnam from the French, a fight the Americans

had experienced themselves not all that long ago.In

light of France being an ally the United Stated did not

see their way clear to assist a colony from French


Philip Caputo's book, "A Rumor of War" is full of

painful honesty about the fighting in the jungles of

Vietnam.The boys from working class families were

doing the fighting and the dying in a land ten thousand

miles from home.Caputo speaks of a nation divided in

it's opinion on the war and the soldiers who fought in


Born on the Fourth of July tells the story of the

return of a Vietnam veteran.The country the veterans

returned to was one that wasn't proud of it's soldiers,

nor was it grateful for the sacrifice they made.They

came back to a community that was largely disgusted

with their behavior.

Taken together, the book and the film tell a great

deal about the impact the war had on Americans.

Considering that hindsight is 20/20, the reasons seem

obvious now.On one hand, the military is creating a

favorable report from the field to make it appear as if

the war will soon be over, the newsmedia is flooding

television with images of burning villas and dead

civilians and the politicians keep insisting they are

reducing US involvement a…


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