Union vs. Nation

There are many controveries inbetween weter or not the united states was was to be considerd a nation or a union. the whole union nation debate came into play during the time right befor the civil war the noth and south were having problems on agreeing with everything so eventualy the south decided to sessede from the union. Which the noth found to be unconstitutional and illigale. the southenres were outraged at the alligatoins coming from the noth and still felt they had every right to leave the union.
The northerners were still very upset over the whole thing and were astoished that the south would illigaly leave the union. Which i find funny considering during the revolutionary war it was illigale for them to do exactly what the south is doing. The shouth stood by there deffence that the departure from the union was NOT illigale considering that there were no laws prohibiting them form leaving. Because they belived themsevels to be a UNION nothing more they felt that it was not there obligation to take part in the norths and Abrahm Lincons dreams for an American exceptionalism nation. As where the noth felt they clearly stated that that was the goal from the begining of tier forfathers and the documents they wrote such as the Articels of Confederation and the constitution.
Thats what i fell was the whole problem with this debate. The erly government documents were too vauge and gave soo much power to the states which is why i fell, while the union should have stuck it out and stived for the greatness the northeners were thinking about, also had no comitment at all to the othe states in the union. I fell that if the articales of confederation would have more clearly stresed nation insted of union as it dose then the norths point would hold some granger but seeing that allt it talks about is union this state that the south souldnt have been ridiculed and charged with braking a law
Another document that states nothing about …


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