Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad was a major development that united a diverse group of people for a common goal.Slaves were able to escape and went to a free land where they were considered free.The slaves would have to live in seclusion to avoid being found by slave catchers and returned to the terrible conditions from which they fled.Helpers, also known as conductors, assisted many slaves on their journey to freedom by concealing them in secure places and provided the slaves with food and information needed to continue the expedition.The developments of the places used to hide fugitives were basic wagons, rooms, and closets.There were peculiar spaces like specially built shelters, tunnels, and improvised rooms in strange places.The risks to the slaves were enormous but acceptable in order to have a chance at freedom on the other side of the Mason-Dixon Line.The countless people that were willing to help at the risk of their own consequences were remarkable.The Underground Railroad was a great organization that was very well systematic with successful in helping slaves obtain the ultimate reward; freedom.The Underground Railroad helped African American slaves in the fight for human life, dignity, equality, and freedom.
Many people were misinformed or imagined the Underground Railroad was many things other than what it really was, stands for, how it was developed and how it became successful.The public has an illustration in their mind that the Underground Railroad was underground path connected by hidden passages in private homes.This image is simply a myth.The Underground Railroad was a coordination of all races and religions with the objective to secretly free slaves and to succeed without consequences or risk of life.The Underground Railroad symbolized people overcoming the socialization of their culture or race, whites were no longer superior to blacks.Race or color was insignificant and whites and blacks …


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