U.S. in WW1

The United States entered World War 1 in 1917.We went on to support the Triple Entente as one of their allies, and helped them to their victory.The main reason for the U.S. entry to the war was due to the Zimmerman Note.This was a message from Zimmerman, a German general, to the Mexican government asking them to enter war against America, and in return they would receive American territory.Fortunately for us, Zimmerman used a public cable to transfer his message, and we were able to intercept it.Another reason for our entry into the war was caused by the Germen U- boats sinking merchant ships, including the Lucitania and the Sussex, which had several hundred Americans on board.One last reason that contributed to our entry was the loaned large amount of money we gave to England and France. We wanted to make sure our investment was not ill founded.
America's activity in the war was very positive.We helped in both military and financial purposes.We were one of the main reasons the Triple Entente gained their victory.We helped remove the Germans from Paris, before they captured it, and drove them back.Right before we were ready to attack, Germany signed an armistice to end the war because they knew that for them, the war had been lost. After the war America's economy was at its worst, which led to the "Great Depression."3,600 strikes occurred in 1919.Many people were accused of being Communist, which became known as the Red Scare.Also great amounts of racial violence broke out across the country.
The U.S.'s greatest achievement from this war was the agreement to the League of Nations for European countries.President Wilson was the creator of this peace plan.
Although we didn't join, it was very good for the other countries.The league would hear countries concerns, work on improving the world, and limiting major problems.America's greatest let down from the war wo…


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