Treaty of Versailles

The Treaty of the Versailles neither did a very good job of ending WWI or preventing the next war. Agree or disagree with this statement and explain your resaons.
The Treaty of the Versailles had many unfair restrictions on Germany. They limited the German army to a size of 100,000 men, demilitarized a large section of Germany nearest France, and forbade the German ownership of military aircraft, poison gas, or any naval units. The merchant marine and navy were to give their ships to Britain. Further, Germany was charges with responsibility for the war. Huge war reparations were to be paid, the extent of which were undetermined at the time. In the end, the Treaty of Versailles almost surely caused World War II.
Either way you look at it the treaty was ineffective. Had it been softer on Germany then there would not have been as much economic and social turmoil. Had the treaty been harsher, Germany would not have had the power to make war. If the joint powers had swayed the treaty either way it would have been better.
One problem with the treaty was the fact that the dominant power in the world, the United States, rejected the treaty. Many Americans believed that in order to maintain peace the United States needed to stay out of European affairs.
German's had bitterness in their heart's as a result of the treaty, especially the war-guilt cause. Other countries also felt this way because in essence cheated them. Japan and Italy gained less land than they expected to be given when they entered the war. This lead to the second world war because the allied forces were not agreeing. Also, since the treaty did not give Japan or Italy much they were willing to go to war again in hopes for more land.
The treaty devastated Germany politically and economically.As a result of the treaty many Germans were desperate to find a new leader to get them out of the Great Depression, which they blamed on the extravagant reparat…


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