Tradition and Dissent in Early English Christianity

In what ways has Roman Catholicism been an example of religious tradition in England?
When considering ways in which Roman Catholicism has been an example of religious tradition in England we need tofirst look at how its position as the established church was overturned in the sixteenth century.We then need to consider ways in which Roman Catholicism continued to be seen in the religious life of the country. We need to look at individual examples of its influence to decide whether they are cases of tradition or dissent or a combination of both.
At the beginning of the sixteenth century the predominant religion in England was Roman Catholicism.During the course of the century this position was eventually overturned in favor of Protestantism. The changes began under the reign of Henry VIII when Catherine of Aragon failed to produce a male heir to the throne.Henry wished to marry Anne Boleyn but in order to do this he needed to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon, forbidden in the Roman Catholic Church.Henry denounced Roman Catholicism and dissolved its monasteries.During Henry’s reign Protestantism became the official religion of England although the English church remained traditional in terms of doctrine and religious practice.
Henry;s son Edward was crowned in 1547 after Henry;s death.This soon lead to radical changes in Protestant England.A new Protestant order of service was compiled by Thomas Cramner and imposed in 1549.This was revised and became more Protestant orientated in 1552.During this time Catholic practices were subdued in an effort to eradicate Roman Catholicism. Catholicism was briefly restored under the reign of Edwards half-sister Mary I on his death in 1553.Mary, a devout catholic attempted to restore Roman Catholicism to its former status.This attracted minor opposition from some convinced Protestants including Archbishop Cranmer however the return to Catholic tradit…


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