Totalitarian Dictators

Thefirst things that come to mind when the names Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler are mentioned are the cruel, tyrannical, inhumane acts they committed against their own people, and people of other nationalities. But, what one fails to see is the public works they sponsored, the ways they modernized their countries, and other beneficial causes they supported. Without these dictators the countries of Russia, Italy and Germany would have all been affected in very distinct ways; and although their rules were mainly counterproductive, the actions they took to improve the lives of their people would in some cases bring them out of a depression, and in other cases modernize them, in times when their countries called for it most.
Joseph Stalin's devotion to the non-dependency of the much-rivaled capitalist westerners pushed him and the rest of communist Russia to strive for modernization and self-sufficiency. His accomplishments consist of industrializing the U.S.S.R. in a time when their position as a world power was questioned. Stalin's Five-Year plan was devised to prepare the U.S.S.R. in defending itself from inevitable war with the capitalist countries of the west. Although many lives were sacrificed in this process his goal was ultimately achieved. If not for his timing the U.S.S.R. would clearly not have stood a chance against its hated rival Nazi Germany in World War II. Stalin, however cruel he was, enforced a crucial part of Russian modernization, that if overlooked would have led them to a humiliating defeat in the Second World War.
Benito Mussolini was very effective at raising the spirits of Italians, boosting their poor economy, and strengthening their week military, as well as supporting public projects, and education. Mussolini was able to accomplish all of these remarkable tasks because his fore-most goal was to make Italy a great power of Europe. He was able to support public projects like the revitalization of …


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