time changes everything

Throughout time, with technology, higher learning, and new inventions things have a tendency to change. Our roads, ways of life, and communities have changed over time. A small town that may have been productive may not be now because of the changes. From our studies we have learned about how farms, buildings, and transportation have changed into forgotten history.
Some of the things that are forgotten are farms that are big, probably used to be bigger. Old roads and bridges become new, general stores in small towns or communities become rundown and some abandon. These stores become rundown and abandon because there is now Wal-Mart and K-Mart that replace these general stores of the past. That is why I feel it was bound for Route 66 to be replaced. I believe if Route 66 is the "mother" of all roads in America it is because the talk of it being the "mother" of American roads. If it wasn't for people traveling Route 66, and coming back home, and telling their friends about it the road would have never really known as that type of major road. I have to ask the question; would we know about Route 66 if people didn't tell us about it. Of course there are other things, like the sites that you can see by traveling across the country. At the height of Route 66's travel it was the main highway to the west. Some of the things that attracted people to Route 66 the idea of the road is "it will always mean going somewhere."(Pg. 27, Route 66) Another idea is if you have "a fast car, a coast to reach, and a woman at the end of the road." (Pg.26, Route 66) You can say that Route 66 is the "mother" road because it was thefirst road to use one-mile intervals to let you know how far you had to go. There are many other things that make Route 66 the
"mother" of American roads. I feel that what I have found are the strongest reasons that mak


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