thomas hobbes and absolutism

Thomas Hobbes and His Absolutism

In the time of Thomas Hobbes (1588 – 1679), absolutism was the type of government that was practiced and was believed to be the right thing.Absolutism is a system in which one man has absolute power over the people.This absolute power was believed to come from God.The ruler or Monarch, was supposedly carrying out the will of God.Hobbes, who is a Brittish philosopher and political theorist, may have been ahead of his time.He believed in absloutism but his idea of absloutism was different from what was commonly believed.
Hobbes was a believer in the new scientific thought and that mathematical knowledge was the way to the truth.Though Hobbes supported absolutism, he did not believe that the ruler’s power derived from God.Hobbes believed in the Common Wealth system.131This is a system, like absolutism, in which there is one absolute ruler.In Hobbes’ system this ruler does not get his power from God, but he gets it more from the people.
Hobbes believed that more or less all men are created eqaul in every aspect, pyhsically and as well as mentally.In his time all men were put into catagories in which you could not better yourself.These catagories included clergy, lord, serf and other levels of society.The Monarch is the highest out of everyone because his rule is derived from God.Hobbes believed that the ruler should be a person with absolute rule but it is not the will of God but the will of the people.
Hobbes believes that all people have the same desires and motives.Because of this all people in his system should give up theirright on there own will to govern themselves and give it to the one ruler so he has all the power of the country.This forms a system in which the ruler and the people are one and the same, and the ruler rules to better the people.
Hobbes had a pessimistic view on humans and their behaviors.He believed that humans are basicly selfish and only lo…

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