Thirteen Original Colonies

Every person born and raised in America, within the past half century, has at one time or another heard the song “Fifty Nifty United States”; the song which pounds the memorization of the fifty American states into one’s head.If you were to ask any person from the age of ten to thirty, they would most likely be able to recite every single state, alphabetically.Towards the beginning of the brilliant masterpiece, there is a line which exclaims, “Fifty nifty United States/ From thirteen original colonies…” The line, having horrible melodic doggerel, is right about these colonies.Thirteen colonies established by the British were satellites used in a system of mercantilism; they provided the natural resources while England would manufacture the goods to sell back to them.Unlike many other attempts at establishing previous settlements, these particular colonies, over a period of time, began to take their own form and question the mother country.The colonies developed their own ideas and beliefs and eventually broke away from England to for the United States of America.Among the so-called Thirteen Original Colonies, which included those of New England, the Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies, were certain common institutions and philosophies.
Thefirst colonies of America, the quintessential “thirteen” of them, had certain elements that caused them to be similar.Geographically, every colony was on the eastern coast of America, and every one had similar environmental and land features.In the New England colonies, although a bit colder, had basic farming land with some forest area; in the Middle colonies, farmland was abundant and waterways were important to trade; and in the Southern colonies, farmland was a very important factor and it was generally warmer than the other colonies.Geography also had a large impact on the economy, logically, seeing as if the three sections of colonies did not have distinguishing …


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