the working class

The Working Class

Hannah Marks is the apathetic nerd who sees the popular people as the dictators and the nerds as the working class. She steers clear from the social Nazis at J C High, but what happens when Hitler himself starts to take notice? Confusion? Maybe. Controversy? Hell yeah! (Not political)

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Cliques for Stereotypes and the French Revolution

I watched observantly with disgust as they giggled and carried about like a bunch of rowdy schoolgirls discussing the ways in which they’d lost their virginity.

Seeing this, one would assume that the Feminist Independence movement had never occurred.

They were so absorbed in their delusional world of pom-poms and French nails to notice the mere mortals who were trying to get past them in the hall.

Occasionally, like now, they’d snap out of their bubble to gawk shamelessly at some hot specimen and try to seduce him by batting their eyelashes.

Not surprisingly, what happens next is the equally self-absorbed dimwit saunters smoothly over to the ditz, thinking he’s some suave Casanova, and within a few seconds they’re at it against the lockers.

What can I say? It ‘s a Dog-eat-dog world out there, if you’d pardon the pun.

However, if one happens to witness this unfortunate sight, one has a tendency to be put off of one’s lunch. So the best thing to do is to look away, and pretend it was some nasty nightmare, telling them to never eat KFC again.

Those who feared the horror of their wrath must endure the frustration of silent oppression. They were the Hitler’s, the Mussolini’s and the Stalin’s of high school hierarchy. What they say goes because they were intimidating and they had the power. They were the dictators.

They were known as the popular people.

As lame as it sounds, the popular people that reside at John Cafferty High are spitting images of the over done, overrated and over exaggerated caricatures of their teen flick counterp…


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