The United States United Kingdom special relationship friendly big brother or playgroud bully Discuss

Neither the sure prevention of war, nor the continuous rise of
world organization will be gained without what I have called the
fraternal association of the English-speaking peoples.This
means a special relationship between the British Commonwealth
and Empire and the United States.[1]
The wartime British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, himself of mixed
Anglo-American parentage, is credited with inventing the phrasespecial
relationship’ to describe the particular connection between the United
Kingdom and the United States.[2] A relationship that wasspecial’ in
certain respects had existed between the two nations before 1939-40, but it
was the experience of the Second World War that made an Anglo-American
relationship defined in terms of closeness, co-operation and mutual respect
into a reality.General George C. Marshall’s comment that the Anglo-
American war effort representedthe most complete unification of military
effort ever achieved by two allied states’ in the history of warfare[3] is
revealing not only in reflecting, accurately, the extent of the integration
of the Allied war effort (at least in the European theater) but also the
perception among the transatlantic political and military elite of the
extent and importance of that integration.The wartime experience laid a
foundation that endures to the present day.
However, there are three essential points that must be borne in mind
in any analysis of the special relationship:first, the inherent imbalance
of power between the United States and the United Kingdom; second, that the
relationship is not a givenfact of nature’ but a human artefact that is
constantly renegotiated and changed to reflect changing circumstances; and
third, that it is in the final analysis a matter of interests rather than
of ideology, shared culture, or sentiment (although that …


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