The Three Most Pressing Problems

The belief that humankind is going to, inevitably, reach a dramatic decline is present among many young thinkers today, and even more so seen in the older generations. It is obvious that societies, globally, can't seem to reach out to the next generation. There are many problems present that we humans must face. Some of them are seen as more important than others, and it is all personal bias. I think that three of the most pressing problems are isolation or alienation via technology, the inequality of educational institutions and the systems in which we teach, and the moral decay of society, in general. While there might be, seemingly, simple solutions to these problems, we must look further into the problems we face in order to understand them better.
It seems that the more technologically advanced we become the more isolated, or alienated, we become from ourselves, and society as a whole. I am not saying that we should “Take Vermont Back” but that we should be aware of social progress as it relates to how we communicate with each other. I am sure we all can relate to the phone messages that go on forever asking you to push button after button and never once speaking to a person! This sort of useless technology only serves to alienate humankind, as a whole, while saving corporate America the “added expense” of a personal greeting. Computers and all of the related wizardry that has exploded on to the scene in the late 20th century has benefited millions and can only be described as nothing short of miraculous to the needy, such as the disabled, but is used mostly by the young and bored who have further distanced themselves from society. “Supersized” shopping malls versus the village square. The Internet shopping craze versus!
the touch and feel of humankind as one makes their way from person to person in their town. “Playstation 2” versus playing with your kids! We all do it and it becomes so easy to withdraw, be alone, beco…


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