The Tet Offensive

If the United States had a hall of fame, I think only the most important people in this nation should be admitted into it. In order to qualify you would have to have done at least three great things for your nation. Alexander Hamilton has done this and more: He has won the respect of many people including myself as one of the greatest men in US history. A man named Charles Maurice De Talleyrand once said “I consider Napoleon, Fox, and Hamilton the three greatest men of our epoch, and if I were forced to decide between the three, I would give without hesitation thefirst place to Hamilton. He divined Europe” (Decarolis, 1). I totally agree with this quote. Alexander Hamilton helped make the American nation what it is today. Hamilton was agreat revolutionist, a hugefactor in getting the American Constitution ratified, and he basicallysaved the American nation from bankruptcy.
Hamilton in the war against the British proved himself to be a great revolutionist. When the British fleet approached the New York harbor, Hamilton was appointed captain of the Provincial Company of Artillery. Hamilton and his company fought with George Washington's army in several battles in 1776. Hamiltonandhis company impressed many people including the commander-in-chief, George Washington. Washington along with other great generals impressed by Hamilton’s brilliance, offered him a job as their aide-de camp. Hamilton wasn;t fond of the position so he refused all the generals except for Washington (Decarolis, 4). Hamilton’s job required him to do several things. Hamilton had to carry out verbal orders, and deliver messages from place to place on horseback, and he also had to write most ofWashington’s official correspondence. At items he even led pre-battle scouting missions (Decarolis, 4b). Hamilton led a little army to destroy a flour warehouse before the British troop could take. Hamilton;s troops were shot at and Hamilton was alm…


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