The Struggles of Herbert Hoover

During the worsening conditions of the stock market crash on Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929, the United States was thrown into the greatest economic disaster of American history. The majority of society, with the exception of the rich, became poor and mostly unemployed. Many Americans found themselves surviving in shantytowns or "Hoovervilles" as they would become infamously known as. These were shacks constructed from whatever was available and in great numbers next to each other. This meant burned out old cars, boxes made from cardboard and really anything else they could get their hands on. It was an hour by hour fight sometimes just for people to be able to feed themselves let alone their kids and any other extended parts of their family.The man in charge of bringing America out from the pit of this great depression was none other than our thirty- first President of the United States, Herbert Clark Hoover, however, success was not very easily attainable and Hoover faced struggles in a different way than the American people.
Herbert Clark Hoover was born in West Branch, Iowa August 10th,1874 to a couple of Quakers. His father, Jesse Clark Hoover was a blacksmith and salesman. Herbert's mom, Huldah Minthorn Hoover was a Quaker minister. Herbert was the middle child, sandwiched by his older brother Theodore Jesse Hoover (Tad) and younger sister Mary Hoover (May). Tad Hoover would later go on to have a very successful career where he was the Dean of Engineering at the prestigious Stanford University. During Herbert's childhood he had a few major setbacks before the age of ten. At age two he was thought to be close to death with croup (respiratory condition), he was brought back to health by his uncle, Dr. John Minthorn 1. When Herbert was six years old, his father died and not four years later his mother died as well 2. Now that he was an orphan, he moved in with a couple of his uncles, who resided in the Pac…


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