The Sixties

The "Swinging Sixties" was a time when music, style, and a hope for peace and freedom came together as a protest against authority and war.The new music with thoughtful lyrics provided youth with an escape from the everyday pressures of being a teenager.Technological advances allowed teenagers to listen to music on loud, clear stereo systems.New television shows and movies kept everyone entertained.Thefirst man walked on the moon, and blacks obtained equal rights.Hippies experimented with drugs and rebelled against Middle American society.As a result, America was changed forever.
Elvis Presley was responsible for making rock'n' roll the music of the sixties.He was one of thefirst stars of rock'n' roll and influenced numerous performers.Elvis, otherwise know as the king, was born in Tupelo Mississippi.At the age of thirteen, he moved to Memphis, Tennessee.His fame soon started with "Heartbreak Hotel."This hit song was only the beginning of his successful career.One of the things that contributed to his fame was his controversial stage performances.On stage, his tough rebellious manner excited shrieking girls and brought many to tears.Presley performed sexually suggestive movements which appealed to the teen generation but offended many adults.Because of his great stage performances and good looks, people wanted to see more of him.He made his motion picture debut with Love Me Tender.This movie contributed to his ever-growing success.But soon, this success would be cut short.At the age of forty-two Elvis Presley died from heart disease and devastated millions of fans.He was buried in Memphis, Tennessee, which was renamed Graceland, in his honor.Graceland is visited by millions of Elvis fans each year.
While Elvis was the most popular rock musician ever, the Beatles were the most popular rock group in history.The Beatles were the center of…


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