the Six day war

“Throughout the war, the Israeli’s were out numbered by the other nations; millions versus thousands, and yet they carried through,” Prime Minister Eshkol remarked, concerning the events of the Six Day War.During the Six Day War, when Israel was attacked by the surrounding Arab nations, it was a young, inexperienced and demographically diminutive country, containing a population of only 650,000 people.Whereas, the Arab nations collectively amounted to over 44,250,000 people. However, in spite of these hindrances, Israel managed to miraculously defeat the extremely powerful and strong Arab nations surrounding them.
Zionists declared Israel a state on May 14, 1948 when the British rule over Palestine had been put to an end. The following day, armies of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Transjordan, totaling 800,000 combat forces attacked Israel. During the war, Israel lost control of the Old City of Jerusalem. The Israelis fought back and captured much of the territory, which had been set aside for the Arabs. By August of 1949, Israel and all five surrounding Arab nations had agreed to end the fighting.
In 1950, the Jordanian military led by King Abdullah, became known as the "West Bank" in the kingdom of Jordan. Egypt set up an "all Palestine government" under the Mufti of Jerusalem, who had led Palestinian opposition to the British.
After the war the Arabs and Israelis fought for many years about the 600,000 to 700,000 Arab refugees who left Israel as a result of the war. The Arabs claimed that Israel forced them out of Palestine. The United Nations attempted to aid the refugees to settle into Arab countries, but the Palestinians refused help.
In 1954, Gamal Abdul Nasser became President of Egypt and a representative of Arab nationalism. He soon became the leader of all Arabs. In Egypt, the free officers who staged a military coup in 1952 disposed of King Farouk. Nasser had been one of these officers. …


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