The second world war – the home front in britain

(1). Source C is more useful as it is far more detailed and descriptive. The source is written by a teacher who was evacuated with children from her school, so it is a primary source. It puts the reader into the position of the child and describes the atmosphere. It describes the sounds and the sights that the children saw as they left.
There was much apprehension and some excitement in the children as they left their parents and homes. Most were completely unaware of where they were going, what they would do and were completely ignorant of when they would be coming back.
It gives an idea of the sadness that mothers felt as they waved goodbye to their children, not knowing when they would be back or where they were going. It says they pressed themselves against the gates saying'goodbye darling'. That gives you a visual picture of what it was like and it is also far more personal that Source B. It describes one persons view in more detail and gives the reader more of an insight.
You can learn from Source B that there were obviously a lot of children to transport and there are not very many adults accompanying them. The mothers did not accompany them and the children in the picture seem to be led in a fairly organised manner. It also gives information about the evacuee's form of dress and appearance at the time. Some looked quite tattered and unkempt. Those who had come from richer homes would have looked tidier. Although you learn these things, it is not as useful as Source C because it does not show the feelings of the evacuees and the apprehension. It can only give the reader a visual picture but no personal insight into the emotions of the evacuees.
(2). I think this source is reliable to a degree as evidence about evacuees. It is true that the hosts sometimes expected the evacuees to be in much better condition than they were in. The woman in this source e…


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