The Russian Revolution

Many things contributed to the way the Russian Revolutions unfolded over the ruling years of the Tsar Nicholas II.The events that took place under the Tsars rule undoubtedly changed Russia and made way for the Russian Revolution due to the lack of ability by Nicholas II to rule Russia at a time of crisis.I will discuss several major events that were of importance in the grand scale of things during the Russian Revolutions in 1905 and 1917, and how they interact with each other.
The nature of the Tsar was perhaps the one major thing that caused the huge amounts of conflict between the Government and the people of Russia.Tsar Nicholas was only twenty-six when he was given power to rule Russia in 1894.Although he intended well, he did not have the ability to rule Russia at such a young age and he had no previous experience with things like War strategy and Politics.Slowly the people of Russia lost confidence in the Tsar and this led to often violent protests such as bloody Sunday.
The living and working conditions for the citizens of Russia was a major event in the Russian revolution and was the main reason the people of Russia were so unhappy.In Russian society at the time there were three main classes in society.The nobles, middle class and the peasantry.The nobles lived a wealthy life and occupied fewer than 2 percent of the population.The middle class contained people like doctors, lawyers and teachers.The peasantry occupied 85 percent of the population and did not live happy healthy lives at all.Peasantry had to pay more tax than the nobles whilst still paying of their land.They had to grow their own food on less land due to population growth.For those who worked in factories the conditions were very unsafe and unhealthy.Although a lot of peasants lived poor lives there were still many who supported the Tsar.
A Russian Orthodox priest called Father Gapon organized a huge strike to oppose the Tsar


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