The role of anti-semitism for the final solution

The stage was being set throughout Europe in the late 19th century with anti-Semitism running in the veins of most Germans and other European nations. This answer to the'Jewish Question" was to be addressed by Heydrich and Himmler at the Wannsee conference in their'Final Solution."
At the turn of the 19th century, much of the common outlook of Jews in populist Germany held the belief that all economic woes of the times were due to the prevalence of Jewish businesses. Many Germans held the belief that one day, the Jews will rise up and dominate Germany and cast out any traditional German values. One of thefirst anti-Semitic rises came out of rural Germany through Otto Boeckel who had believed that "Jews were the blood enemies of Christ" (Weiss p.99). Jews were the major moneylenders for many rural Germans who, during the 1870s, suffered through a depression. Many had lost their land and others had to go to Jews for loans with outlandishly high interest when banks would turn them away due to high risk. In cities, many independent retail establishment owners were big supporters of the anti-Semitic rallies. Jews started mass retail stores that could out sell and outbid many prices of family run businesses in Germany. This caused many family businesses to go into bankruptcy. Glagau, Stoecker, Boeckel, and Marr were just some of the voices speaking for populist Germany.
Nationalism and elections were the major concerns among the German elite in the late 1800's. It was a feeling within the German elite that Jews had other motives that did not include an allegiance to Germany. With so many international ties, how can Jews be true to the German culture? Anti-Semitism became an essential component of a German nationalist. Reversing the rights of Jews was a priority of Conservatives. Conservatives embraced and underscored anti-Semitism when it served them best. Conservatives found that…


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