The Roaring Twenties

The 20’s were a time of sweeping changes for America. During this
time lots of new things were introduced into American culture. This era also
was thefirst to have a rapidly growing middle class set on raising it’s
Americans in the 1920’s wanted to improve their standard of living.
There were many new inventions that people wanted to have to make their
life easier. Some of the new consumer products were: The Refrigerator,
vacuum cleaners, ready-made clothes. Those were just a few but with all the
new inventions the middle class had to have money to buy them. Most of all
the middle class wanted the newest revolution in travel. The car.
Automobile making became one of the countries largest industries in
the twenties. Any industry that had anything to do with the automobile
thrived. These industries included the steel industry, the gasoline industry,
the lead industry, and also the nickle industry. Other businesses also thrived
including, tourists camps, garages, and hot dog stands.
The man who made the automoblie industry boom was Henry Ford.
His car the Model T ford was the car of the time. It was because it was
Cheap, Easy to get, and it was the best way to get from one place to another.
It was the 2nd most bought car ever, the only car to ever have sold more is
the VW Beetle. Later for people that wanted color and style on their car the
Model T was stopped and ford came out with the colored Model A.
Even in the midst of plenty of the middle class there was the class
below them. People such as farmers and textile workers began to go broke
because in the farming industry technolgy was increasing so fast that we were
producing more grain and such than we could eat creating a surplus and
driving prices down so the farmers made less money. In the textile industry
people were buying less cotton due to changes in fashion-Rising hemlines
and things like silk stocki…


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