The Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties was a time of prosperity in the United States and characterized by many significant social and cultural trends.The Twenties were a post war period like most post war periods to an individualistic movement. The country was no longer concerned with international issues but turned inward toward the issues of the country.These new cultural changes included the new movement in Jazz, which was not just music, but an entire lifestyle.
There was also a definite growth in business and corporations during the tumultuous decade.
Conservatism was the political platform that reigned during the time period.
Jazz was cultivated and homegrown in America.It was a soulful new type of music and birthed a whole new way of living that reflected the new ideas of the times.Such stars as Louie Armstrong with his deep, raspy singing voice and Duke Ellington with his highly technical arrangements were at the forefront of Jazz music. The Jazz Age was a great time for African Americans and as it grew a new respect for themselves grew as they now began to accept their racial identity and they began to speak toward equality.The Flapper was also a major icon of the Jazz age.The Flapper was the woman of the roaring twenties who was very independent, rebellious, wore short skirts, and smoked cigarettes.They embodied the attitude of the twenties, which was freedom and independence from social norms, especially those of women.
At the beginning of the twenties the economy slightly dipped, but then went through a spectacular growth, which was attributed to many things.The growth of the automobile industry occurred and helped boost the economy.Henry Ford and his Model T and the assembly line, which made it more possible for regular citizens to obtain the new mode of transportation due to the low cost, led to such major growth.This, in turn, led to the growth of many other industries such as glass, rubber, and oil.Americ…


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