The Roaring 20’s and the 30’s

The 1920's was the decade in which people called the "Roaring Twenties" because a lot of changes were occurring nation wide that affected everybody everywhere around the nation.Immigration has just kicked up with its "Second wave" of immigrants arriving from Southern and Eastern Europe.They migrated over from Europe to look for better economic opportunities fro their families, but what they got, which was very often, was strong feelings of prejudice and nativism from Americans.This period in time also brought forth the Model T Ford, $5.00 workday, thefirst intercontinental flight, movies and other scientific advancements.The introduction of the Model T Ford was very crucial because the styles of transportation at this time was inefficient and produced a lot of biological wastes.Henry Ford was able to produce a vehicle capable of traveling at greater speeds and benefited the economy because the vehicles required gasoline, oil, and steel in order to be produced.It is often seen as a period of great advance as the nation became urban and commercial (Calvin Coolidge declared that America’s business was business). The decade is also seen as a period of rising intolerance and isolation: chastened by thefirst world war, historians often point out that Americans retreated into a provincialism evidenced by the rise of the Ku Klux Klan, the anti radical hysteria of the Palmer raids, restrictive immigration laws, and prohibition. Overall, the decade is often seen as a period of great contradiction: of rising optimism and deadening cynicism, of increasing and decreasing faith, of great hope and great despair. Put differently, historians usually see the 1920s as a decade of serious cultural conflict.
When America joined the Great War in 1917, it tilted the balance against the Central Powers (Germany and her allies), because of her large population and industrial might. When the war ended, President Wilson…


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