The Roaring 20’s

; How ya gonna keep;em down on the farm, after they;ve seen Paree?; This popular song is the essence of the Roaring 20;s. Times were beginning to change, and many different situations and events contributed to the change. Some of these contributors were The Prohibition, The Scopes Trial, Changing Roles of Women, Education and Pop Culture, and The Harlem Renaissance.
The Prohibition was the complete ban of alcohol in America. An Amendment was added into the constitution prohibiting the transportation or sale of any kind of alcohol. Reformers in the Christian church were convinced that liquor was the main cause of the nations problems and corruption. Atfirst, saloons closed, and things calmed down, but then the country got sick of not being able to choose what they wanted to do. Many immigrants thought of liquor being part of socializing, and not a sin. This was when illegal sales of alcohol began. Speakeasies, which were hidden saloons, started opening, and the people were able to get their liquor. Bootleggers bought their liquor in Canada and smuggled it in for others. Many criminals found a new way of making money, and organized crime, such as the mob, grew in both numbers and income. This had an impact in the culture because since the nation could not get what they wanted, they had to go to other, illegal, places for their needs and wants. The nation became dependent on criminals to get what they wanted, and the nation has continued to deteriorate ever since.
The Scopes Trial was a major trial over evolution versus creation. This trial gained national recognition and was reported on daily by big-city reporters. Tennessee had made a law banning the teaching of evolution in schools, and one teacher named John T. Scopes broke that law. The American Civil Liberties Union promised they would defend him, and got him the most famous lawyer of that day. Clarence Darrow was a well-known, respected lawyer, an…


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