The Rise of Industrial America

This paper will evaluate U.S. History from 1877 to 1917. This paper will argue that the best way to describe the change in this era is using the theme of the rise of industrial America. Here, as evidence, this paper will focus only on facts that show that new inventions caused change, and by focusing, on this pattern one will see the change in this era. The facts will be summarized from the history book, The Enduring Vision Volume II from 1865, by Boyer, Clark, Kett, Salisbury, Sitkoff, and Woloch, and the examples and references will come from the novel, Alienist, by Caleb Carr.
In the beginning of the Alienist, the setting starts of in an industrial America, i.e. New York City in 1896, which technology and new inventions have brought about rapid change in a Social Darwinism America. In the late 1800's, American intellectuals like Herbert Spencer, an English philosopher in the 19th century, which he based his research on Darwin's theories of natural selection and applied it to society. Spencer, the government, and American businesspersons used this approach to justify less government intervention in a business-controlled society. In reference to the novel, the character Flynn and Theodore Roosevelt, in referring over Georgio Santorelli corps and were he came from, Flynn demonstrated Social Darwinism toward Georgio's kind, with him being natural inferior. In addition, Japheth Dury, the serial killer, explains his outlook of Social Darwinism in his letter he wrote to the crime team. In addition, the rise of industrial America was brought on by the drastic rise of inventions that streamlined the way American industries conducted business. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, and in 1896 he invented the Vita scope, movie projector, also, Thomas Edison, an inventor from Ohio, perfected the light bulb. The invention of the telephone and the light bulb changed the business industries drastically, increasing…


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