The Restoration of Europes Old Order by 1950

Prior to 1914 Europe had particular settled order as regards geographical occupation of territory and also the system of alliances. After 1914 this order was not only unsettled but shattered. In this essay this'order' will be explored with reference to social, economical, geographical and political features and will also investigate whether or not this order was restored in any way or form by the 1950's. The essay will also investigate the continent in different ways but mainly focusing on the shift in world powers and world domination, the democratic versus communism conflict and the beleaguered and devastated nations across Europe.
In the years previous to the beginning of the First World War an'order' among the European countries developed quite evidently. Apart from the prominent geographical features the order of alliances shaped the continent at this time. Therefore when examining the order the central powers and the allied powers must be examined separately. The central powers namely Germany and Austria-Hungary dominated the vast majority of central and Eastern Europe. Their'Triple Alliance' agreement aligned to tie the two nations to Italy in the event of warfare completed one part of the bisected'old order'. Britain, France and Russia combined formed the allied side of the division. Their'Triple Entente' formed the opposition to the central powers.This alliance created severe advantages particularly geographically as the central powers found themselves'sandwiched' by the allies.
When examining as to whether or not the'old order' was restored in Europe by 1950 one of the foremost features that should be examined is the geographical changes that occurred in the thirty-six years between the beginning of the First World War and 1950 as Hobsbawm remarked that'The Second World War was a lesson in World Geography'and true to …


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