The Renaissance and Change

History shows us that we are always taking transitions and making changes. The renaissance is no exception. People began to act in a different manor, they began to study human habits and patterns. And acknowledged ‘self-conscious awareness?. The renaissance was a time of re-birth.
During this time of identity change, people began to put a real emphasis on material objects, and decorations. Surprisingly the church was the biggest influence in this new trend. Cathedrals were decorated from floor to ceiling with intricate murals and carvings. This is an example of ‘secularism?. People soon began to take it a bit farther than decorations. And began to focus on how they and their positions appeared, rather than their devotion and spiritual being. People began to utilize the ‘secular-spirit?
Individualismis the development of one’s traits and capabilities. But people began to Brag and show off rather than express one’s Individual self.
Renaissance artwork is a great example of secularism and individualism.
Artist strove to make their paintings more realistic. Medieval art was flat. They didn’t use such a broad range of colors, the lines were rather strait and the depth perception is all off. During the Renaissance artist like Michelangelo and DaVinchi experimented with light and rich colors, depth and curvilinear lines. Rich people would hire artist like Michelangelo and DaVinchi to paint murals in their houses. The paintings were usually of the owner doing an admirable deed or in the place of a biblical character. The artist was often paid more for glorifying the event. They would make the owner of the house more handsome, more muscular or make his action into a bigger deal. People did this so that visitors would be impressed or even intimidated at the families presence.
Niccolo Machiavelli was a famous writer. His most famous work was The Prince. It is a book that focuses on politics and human nature.Machiavelli believ…


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