The Reign Of Terror

" War is necessary to men, and is more natural to them than peace."In this quote by Anatole France, we realize why we as people want war. It is necessary and is more common then peace. How many countries in the present world have not used war, terror, or means other then peace to be where they are now? None! The world has come about by means other then peace. Thefirst country to use terror on a big scale would be France during the French Revolution in the late 1700s. The French proved to themselves and the world that you can control and rule by terror and violence. The French revolution was thefirst, but it wasn't the last! The violence that raced through France was called the reign of terror. The reign of terror is justified because it helped save France, it worked and it helped bring about the present world.
During the late 1700s in France, there was trouble. The economy was falling, government wasn't working and the people didn't have equal representation. The people answered by setting up their own legislative branch called the National Assembly in 1789. Over the next 12 years there were 2 governments and a new one was started in 1792. Over those 12 years there was rebellions and a mob was formed to kill any one that didn't believe in the new government. Also France was involved in a war with Austria and Prussia. In 1793 the Jacobins with the San-Culottes seized power and started the National Assembly. The National Assembly came up with a way to end the war and to bring down the rebellions that were taking place inside France. The plan was called the reign of terror. They also imposed economical measures to help France. To help the economy they instituted the law of maximum prices, law of minimum wage and to ration the country. Along with the economical measures they created the!
reign of terror. The reign of terror would help win the war and crush the rebellions inside Franc


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