The Reformation

The Reformation was a religious movement of the 1500's that led to Protestantism. This movement had an impact on social, political, economic and religious life. Before the Reformation, Europe had been held together by the Catholic Church and the claim of the Holy Roman Empire. During the Reformation people such as Martin Luther challenged the practices of such a powerful institution such as the church to make changes. Therefore, challenging the practices of powerful institutions led to change in politics, society, religion and economy,
Martin Luther was the outstanding man who challenged the most powerful institution there was of the time, the church. The church and the pope made all the decisions andcontrolled society. Martin believed that he could change something. He protested some of the practices of the Catholic Church that he did not believe in such as indulgences, which led to an outright blasphemy. Luther made 95 theses that hung on the Castle Church in Wittenburg, Germany. This series attacked the sale of indulgences and the whole fact that everybody listened only to the priest. He tried to teach that God justifies human beings and makes them righteous. This dilemma and controversy led to a change in politics, religion, economy and society.
First of all, politics were affected greatly by the change. The Great Schism ended in 1417 and Rome was the center of the church. In many other countries fierce princes and national monarchs gained power while feudalism decreased. The rulers did no wish to be held under the rule of the Church. Since these high power figures started to resent the Church, more and more people began to stop believing that the pope was everything. In England, the king Henry the VIII desperately wanted a son, with whom his wife Catherine was not producing. Henry fell in love with Anne Boleyn to make the dilemma more complex. He went to Pope Clement VII to beg him for a divorce from Catherine. The p…


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