The Red Scare

Many people labelEdgar Allen Poe a horror writer, plain and simple others refer to Poe as the father of the detective story, but over all he‘s one Americas greatest writers. His ability of expressing the world in gothic ways, really captures the reader‘s attention.Even though he lead a tough life and was known as a sadistic drug addict and alcoholic, he still managed to produce great pieces of literature.Three of his greatest works were “The Tell Tale heart”, “The Fall of the House Usher”, and “The Raven.”All of these are very known troughout the world and are considered three of Poe‘s greatest pieces.
He was born in Boston on January 19, 1809, his parents, regular members of Federal street theater, named him Edgar Poe.Shortly before his mother’s death in Richmond, Virginia on December 8, 1811, his father abandoned the family.John Allen, a wealthy tobacco merchant in Richmond, brought Poe into the family (at his wife’s request), and gave him the middle name Allen as a baptismal name, though he never formally adopted him. Even though Allen‘s treatment toward Poe is not exactly known, we know that Allen never treated Poe with sensitivity.In 1815, the Allen family moved to England on business. There, Poe entered the Manor-House School in Stoke-Newington, a London suburb. This school taught him “the gothic architecture and historical landscape of the region made a deep imprint on his youthful imagination, which would effect his adult writings” (Levin, 14).The Allens left England in June 1820, and arrived in Richmond on August 2. Here, Poe entered the English and Classical School of Joseph H. Clarke, a graduate of Trinity College in Dublin.On February 14, 1826, Poe entered the University of Virginia.Though he spent more time gambling and drinking than studying, he won top honors in French and Latin.
On May 26, 1827, Poe enlisted in the US Army under the name Edgar A. Perry. He joined …

The Red Scare


As the 20th century has come to a close, it is time for all of us to recognize the great events of our American history.Well as we reflect upon it, the United States became a world power, technology evolved in a rapid pace, and all sorts of boundaries were broken and new ones set for USA.When people generally reflect upon the United States revolutionary periods, they immediately think of the 1960's and 1970's, but one period of time that does not immediately approach the mind is the period after World War 1.In this duration of time, the populace, especially the youth started to revolutionize their life styles and did not do things for the sake of tradition.With jazz and other Dixie land trends spreading all over the United States America, the youth became much more rebellious and thought of better ways of running their lives and tried influencing their beliefs on others.One set of beliefs that failed to pass throughout the U.S. was the idea of USSR's government comm!
unism.Communism was a type of government that supported the ideas of making everybody absolutely equal.This lead up to the Red Scare.
The red scare was the period where America became afraid of the practice of a Communism after it took over the Russian government. The red scare was an interesting phenomenon, which happened twice in America. It struck for thefirst time from 1919 – 1921.First period of red scare began in June 1919, when the newly appointed US attorney general, A. Mitchel Palmer, was waken up by the explosion on his door steps. The bomber probably tripped over something and blew up himself. After it emerged that the bombs have exploded on the doorsteps of other high-ranking government officials in at least 8 more cities, thefirst red scare began throughout the country. The next day’s New York Times newspaper reported that the attack was Bolshevik or W.W.I origin.
Mitchel Palmer wanted to create a sp…

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