The Quakers vs. The Puritans

The Quakers were considered to be more liberal of all the new religious practices found in America.The Quakers didn't have any education on their practices because they saw no need for it.Everybody's own interpretation of the written word was as valid as the next persons.The term Quakers was actually considered derogatory they preferred to be called Professors of the Light or Friends, which was the most common term.The term Quaker was used to describe the people who "tremble at the word of the Lord."
The Quakers belief was extremely different of that of the Catholic Church, and the beliefs that were held by the Pilgrims and the Puritans.The Quakers believed that all possessed an "Inner light".By finding this inner light you would have the Lords own hand helping you.You would be able to achieve spiritual perfection in a sense.This belief pertained to everyone in God's eyes everyone was equal.The Quakers were critical in the early history of New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.
William Penn was the son of a wealthy landowner and held some power in the English navy.Penn's father was a friend with the king and the Duke of York, and several other people of importance at that time.Penn was somewhat of a disappointment because he got thrown out of Oxford University for hold unorthodox religious opinions. Penn was very passionate about the Quaker faith, he wrote forty-two books about his connection to his faith.Penn was awarded a great deal of land (Pennsylvania) by Charles II.The charters that Penn had, allowed him complete freedom in the designing of his own form of government.Some of the things that Penn guaranteed to the settlers were Freedom from persecution, no taxation without representation, and due process of law.Pennsylvania emerged as one of the most liberal colonies and seemed to hold the most vie


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